The 2022 IRS Forms 1042 and 1042-S are to be used for income paid in tax year 2022. The forms can be downloaded individually or you can obtain all of the forms together in our 2022 QI Reporting Pack.

The deadline to file Form 1042 and 1042-S is March 15, 2023.

See our Extension to File area for forms and information to request an extension to file Form 1042 and 1042-S.

Beginning with the 1042 filing for 2014, 1042-S forms filed by financial institutions must be filed electronically with the IRS (via FIRE, and no Form 1042-T is used).


Need assistance with preparing your 1042-S or 1099 Forms?

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Tax Year 2022 QI Reporting

Here are the individual forms and instructions to complete the 1042 QI Reporting for 2022 (for income paid in 2022).

Form 1042 and Instructions

pdf FORM 1042 (2022) (147 KB)

  pdf INSTRUCTIONS 1042 (2022) (267 KB)


Form 1042-S and Instructions

pdf FORM 1042-S (2022) (247 KB)

pdf INSTRUCTIONS 1042-S (2022) (471 KB)


QI Solutions' 2022 QI Pack

  archive 2022 QI Pack (3.07 MB)

All the forms you need for the tax year 2022 QI reporting in a single WinZip® file.

IRS Street Address for Courier Delivery of Form 1042

Ogden – IRS Submission Processing Center
1973 North Rulon White Boulevard
Ogden, UT 84201