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2023 Filing Deadlines (for income paid in 2022)
Deadline Form Extended Filing Deadline

January 31
Form 1099 to clients (except 1099-B)  

  Form 8966 (Swiss FFIs only, non-consenting US Accounts)  

February 15 Form 1099-B to clients  

March 15 Form 1042-S to clients  

  Form 1042-S to IRS (electronic filing via FIRE) April 14 with timely filed Form 8809 (automatic 30-day extension)

  Form 1042 to IRS September 15 with timely filed Form 7004 (automatic six month extension), does not extend time to pay

March 31 Form 1099 to IRS (electronic filing via FIRE) April 30 with timely filed Form 8809 request for extension to file 1099 (electronic filing via FIRE, automatic 30-day extension)

  Form 8966 June 29 with timely filed Form 8809-I (automatic 90 day extension)