All tax payments to the IRS must be made by electronic deposit using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS®) of the US Department of Treasury. Failure to make payment using EFTPS® will result in a 10% penalty.

We are an authorized EFTPS® batch provider and we can make US tax payments to the IRS on your behalf. We generally can effect the payment on your behalf in two to three business days from the day funds are wired to our attorney trust account.

How our EFTPS service works

In order to make an EFTPS© payment on your behalf we need to have authorization by way of IRS Form 2848 and receive the funds.

For an additional fee of $50 we can contact the IRS on your behalf and obtain an exact payoff amount (taxes due, interest and penalties). In this case we will require additional authorization on Form 2848.

The funds need to be wired to our attorney trust account, a New York Bar IOLA account, and EFTPS payment will be made to the IRS from this account.

We will provide an EFTPS receipt of payment, and you receive information directly from the IRS on how to confirm payment.

Make an EFTPS payment

  • EFTPS® authorized batch provider
  • Funds transfer using our New York State Bar IOLA trust account
  • Payments usually settled in 2 - 3 business days

Contact QI Solutions to make an EFTPS© payment.

IRS tax payments

QIs typically need to make IRS tax payments when:

  • Payments are made to undocumented clients and US withholding needs to be applied,
  • Audit or internal review reveals underwithholding,
  • The IRS indicates taxes are due, or
  • FATCA withholding or backup withholding is required.