QI Solutions (Swiss) provides full IRS Form 8966 outsourcing services including FATCA XML file preparation and submission to the IRS via the International Data Exchange Service ("IDES"). QI Solutions (Swiss) has been issued a FATCA Identification Number ("FIN") by the IRS and this allows us to submit Form 8966 on your behalf using our digital certificate.

QI Solutions' FATCA 8966 service is a perfect solutions for financial institutions located in Model 2 IGA countries and offers a simple submission on your behalf. QI Solutions has a proven track record of IRS information reporting experience and we have been assisting financial institutions with FATCA matters since the 2010. Our FATCA 8966 service provides not only Form 8966 submission but we also can assistance you in determining what needs to be reported and when it must be reported. In addition, US tax reporting of US clients freqeuntly will require Form 1099 reporting, one of our core services.

Our FATCA 8966 service saves you time and money. Preparing the Form 8966 XML file and meeting the IDES technical requirements are complicated, while our FATCA 8966 service uses a simple and intuitive Excel template to obtain the necessary data and we take care of the rest. QI Solutions provides Form 8966 IDES submission confirmation and notices for use in your internal compliance program and RO certifications.


IGA Model 2 Countries
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